Welcome to The Rolling Pack Travel Blog!

We are Brittany and Tom- a couple who sold everything so that we could travel the world and make more time for the things we love.

We spent over two years traveling North America in a Toyota Dolphin motorhome, and we learned SO much about camper life and the freedom that comes with it!

After that we traveled across the globe to Southeast Asia where we spent 6 months exploring ancient temples, hiking through jungles, and relaxing at some of the most picturesque beaches on earth!

In 2020 (serendipitously, just before the pandemic hit!) we took a break from travel in order to reflect on all of our experiences up to that point. You can read more about that decision (and what it taught us) here!

In June/July 2021 we bicycled 650 miles of the Pacific Coast Bike Route from Astoria, Oregon to Mendocino, California! Check out our Complete Guide to the Pacific Coast Bike Route here!

Every summer we return to the Western United States for our annual trip to the Black Rock Desert for Burning Man!

In December 2021 we faced one of our greatest challenges when I (Brittany) was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer that required us to return to the states so I could undergo treatment.

This was particularly heart-wrenching since the event that motivated my travel in the first place was my mother’s death from cancer (you can read about that more here).

I am happy to report that I am cancer-free and THRIVING more than ever before. Amazingly, my cancer journey was a catalyst for BIG, beautiful growth and change in my life! I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Tom and I are now back at it, traveling Mexico for 6 months, and then heading to Spain in Spring of 2023 to finally walk the Camino de Santiago together!

We absolutely love the life we’ve built for ourselves, and we want to help you plan your own real life adventure!

Use the menu above (or keep scrolling!) for tons of practical information about camper life, backpacking Southeast Asia, Mexico, Burning Man, and the reality of simplifying your life!

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UPCOMING TRAVEL: We are currently in Mexico for the winter exploring Oaxaca, San Cristobal de las Casas, Mérida, and Tulum!

In April 2023 we will head to Europe to visit friends in Paris, and then walk the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in Spain. 

From there we will spend the rest of our EU visa time exploring!

AND we have BIG plans in the works for Fall of 2023 that maaaaay involve a return to camper life for us!!! Stay tuned…

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