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Traveling by camper means that we often find ourselves camped on beautiful bodies of water. In fact, we spend our entire winter camped about 15 feet from the high tide line of Bahía Concepción in Mexico.

All of these beautiful waterfront campsites mean that we get to play in the water a lot. While swimming and snorkeling are a blast, we decided last fall that we wanted to purchase a watercraft to get us in the water even more. We have limited additional space in our camper, so we knew an inflatable tandem kayak or inflatable canoe would be our best choice. We did a LOT of research, talked with other travelers who own inflatable kayaks, and chose the best inflatable kayak! (and we LOVE it!)

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Features we looked for in an Inflatable Sea Kayak

We knew we wanted at least a two person inflatable kayak. I say at least because it was important that the kayak be large enough to hold Tom, me, and our dog Indy. Our plan was to kayak to islands and beaches that can only be reached by boat for snorkeling and sunbathing. 

We also knew that we wanted an affordable inflatable kayak, because traveling full time means we try to stick to a tight budget. A super cheap inflatable kayak wouldn’t work because we needed something sturdy enough to handle sea kayaking, but price was definitely a big consideration for us.

We read a lot of inflatable kayak reviews, but our most valuable research came from friends and acquaintances who actually own inflatable kayaks. We kept hearing the same brand pop up over and over so we decided to zero in on Sea Eagle inflatable boats.

Choosing a Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak

Sea Eagle produces a line of inflatable sea kayaks that get rave reviews from the people who own them. In fact, we offered to buy one from a friend of Tom’s dad and he turned us down hard, said he would never sell his. This was an excellent endorsement, so we decided we would go ahead and purchase a boat directly from Sea Eagle.

Choosing our kayak was pretty easy since Sea Eagle has a 2 person inflatable kayak that is 12.5 feet long and can hold up to 650 pounds (plenty of room for Indy too)! The price tag on this kayak can run a bit high, but Sea Eagle offers sales on it VERY frequently, so we got ours for $329 (click the link above to check out the current price of our inflatable kayak)! That felt completely reasonable to us since many of Sea Eagle’s other boats cost around $1000.

If you don’t need space for more than two people in your kayak Sea Eagle makes a slightly smaller (and cheaper) version of our kayak that may work for you!

The Best Inflatable Kayak- Sea Eagle 370 Sport Kayak

The Sea Eagle 370 Sport Kayak is the best value we could find on an inflatable boat. It is large, sturdy, relatively fast, and tracks well in the water. It also comes with high quality kayak accessories- 2 paddles, a foot pump, and a large canvas carrying bag.

We have had our Sea Eagle 370 inflatable kayak since October and we LOVE it! We regularly take it out on the Sea of Cortez, and plan to use it for river trips back in Oregon. Indy easily fits in it with us, and it is sturdy enough that I don’t have to worry about his nails puncturing the body. It is similar to an inflatable canoe since the seats can be moved around the inside space, so we can easily adjust the seating arrangement to fit all three of us comfortably.

One of the BEST parts of our blow up kayak is the fact that it is really easy to inflate and deflate.  The kayak came with a foot pump that quickly pumps up the different compartments. It takes less than 10 minutes to get the kayak out of the bag and pumped up ready to go! Deflating it and packing it up is also a very simple process, and the carrying bag is plenty big to easily return the kayak to the bag after use. It’s a big pet peeve of mine when outdoor products won’t fit back into their original bag- this is no problem with the Sea Eagle 370!

The Sea Eagle 370 also handles really well in the water thanks to two molded skegs under the stern (like you would see on a surf board) that allow for better tracking and speed. The paddles that come with the kayak are also sturdy and comfortable to use.

If you’re looking for inflatable kayaks for sale at a great value then you cannot beat the Sea Eagle 370. It combines tons of great features into an affordable package that will get you out on the water in no time!

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