The Oregon Coast Bike Route Hiker/Biker Campsite Guide

In this guide to the Oregon coast bike route hiker/biker campsites you will find:

  • Hiker/biker campsite FAQ
  • How to use the campsites
  • Descriptions of every single campsite including: cost, amenities, cell phone reception availability! (I’ve also included hiker/biker campsites in the first 200 miles of Northern California)

This complete guide includes distances between hiker/biker campsites, amenities found at each site, distances to the nearest towns/cities, and insider tips from the author.

This is the only guide of its kind, and is an essential reference for anyone planning to bicycle the Pacific Coast Bike Route!

BONUS: When you purchase this guide you will also receive access to a downloadable, printable quick-guide reference to all of the hiker/biker campsites listed.

About the author: Brittany Wittig is the creator of The Rolling Pack travel blog. She has cycle toured the Oregon Coast Bike Route twice in the last 5 years.

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