Long ago, on a playa far, far away Tom and I met at Burning Man, and our partnership has grown naturally from that foundation of play and adventure. 

When we were dreaming up our leap into travel we immediately began researching how to bring our dog, Indy, along. He is our third musketeer, and we could not possibly leave him out of an adventure this epic! 

Now we are over a year into a life of full time travel in our 1989 Toyota Dolphin! Though it wasn't always so. For those of you who have been following us since the beginning you may remember that we started out as bicycling nomads! That's right, we began our travels on two bicycles with Indy rolling behind us in a doggie bicycle trailer! 

After about 500 miles of this (and a number of BIG rainstorms) we decided that traveling by bicycle with a 40-pound dog was not sustainable for our little rolling pack. So....we upgraded!! We bought our Toyota Dolphin near San Francisco, and made a beeline for Baja, Mexico. Check out our blog for the whole story!


Brittany graduated college in 2007 with a degree in Exotic Animal Training and Management. Around age 5 she’d decided she wanted to work with exotic animals, and amazingly she stuck to the plan! 

Brittany working with a Bengal tiger.

Brittany working with a Bengal tiger.

Unfortunately, after following this path for a few years, Brittany had to face the fact that the exotic animal industry was fraught with abuse, neglect, and exploitation of the animals in its care. After witnessing the inhumane treatment of animals in a variety of facilities Brittany decided she ethically could not continue forward with her exotic animal training career. 

At that time Brittany chose to move into the veterinary field and focus her skills on domestic animals, working in veterinary hospitals, and eventually running her own dog training business in Los Angeles. 

After much consideration, Brittany finally decided that it was time to close the book on her animal career. The open road was calling to her, and she felt that many of the skills she gained in the animal industry and running her own business would serve her well as she set out on a quest for a location independent career centered in travel and adventure. Brittany is the primary author and designer of The Rolling Pack. For a more personal look at why Brittany travels read more here.



Tom is a true adventurer at heart. He has rafted the Grand Canyon multiple times, spent winters mountaineering, and hiked the Appalachian trail by himself. At a young age Tom’s father taught him the essentials of wilderness survival, and Tom is most at home sleeping under the stars. 

Tom recently retired from a 25 year career as a fireman and paramedic, and shortly after his retirement he completed a huge adventure! In March/April 2016 Tom walked the historic Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in Spain. 






Brittany adopted Indy when he was 4 years old from a dog rescue in Katy, Texas. Now, 9 years later, Indy is a sweet senior dog who happens to be Brittany and Tom’s best friend. Whatever Tom and Brittany are doing, Indy wants to join in. So it’s no surprise that Indy is an integral part of Tom and Brittany’s travels.

Indy loves lazy days and snuggly nights cuddling with his pack.



La Peregrina

La Peregrina is our 1989 Toyota Dolphin, and the newest member of our pack. She joined us early in our travels, when we realized that bicycling all the way from Oregon to Mexico, with our dog in a bike trailer, might have been a TAD bit ambitious. 

As soon as we saw La Peregrina we knew she was meant to be ours, and we purchased her on the spot. 10,000 miles later we are still traveling full time in our cozy La Peregrina.