The Best Gifts for RV Owners!

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RV, motorhome, and camper owners can be tricky to shop for! They are dreamers, adventurers, and love to receive practical gifts for their lifestyle.

Whether you are searching for RV gift ideas for someone living the RV life full time, or for an RV enthusiast who camps on the weekends only, you will find the perfect gift here! In this complete RV gift guide we will share some of the very BEST gifts for RV owners!

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The Ultimate North America Road Atlas

This National Geographic Adventure Edition Road Atlas is an RVer’s best friend! With detailed road maps covering the United States, Canada, and Mexico, this atlas will get you anywhere you want to go on the North American continent!

Additionally, the awesome adventurers over at National Geographic have included profiles of the 24 most popular national parks in America! This is a perfect gift for anyone living the camper life.

Hanging Produce Hammock

One thing that ALL RV owners have in common is the need to save space in their motorhome. This produce hammock is the ultimate way to store things without taking up counter or cabinet space in the camper.

We use our produce hammocks to store way more than just produce! We have one hanging in our RV bathroom that holds all of our toiletries. These hammocks are especially great because you can leave them hanging while you drive! That means you can get on the road faster and easier, and who doesn’t want that?!

Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak

One of the very best RV gift ideas is an inflatable kayak! Most RV travelers love to camp near water, and having a watercraft makes camping near water even more fun.

Sea Eagle makes high quality, durable, inflatable kayaks that are easy to store. Since we love to camp on the beach, our Sea Eagle kayak has gotten plenty of use. Plus it’s simple to inflate/deflate.

We have seen lots of these Sea Eagle kayaks on our travelers, and everyone loves them. We even met people who fish from these kayaks, they’re very versatile!

Our inflatable kayak is probably our favorite RV accessory, and if you really want to surprise the RVer in your life with a great gift- this is it!

Hanging Decorative Sign

No travel trailer is complete without some cute RV decorations! We particularly love this sign, and a big advantage to a hanging sign is that it is easier to mount on an RV wall than a regular painting or framed piece of art. This is because hanging signs are made to move around while you drive without falling off the wall!

Bose Portable Speaker

This small speaker produces a big sound, and is small enough to go anywhere with you! It’s really nice to be able to play some music at your campsite, and this speaker is small enough that it can easily be brought on hikes or picnics.

Amazon Audible Gift Membership

One of the best gift ideas for RV owners is the gift of entertainment. Motorhome owners are constantly going on long road trips, and it’s great to have something to help pass the time when driving.

Amazon Audible gives you access to a huge selection of audiobooks, and is an awesome entertainment option for those long hours on the road.

Lucy Light Inflatable Solar Lantern

This solar-powered lantern is one of the very best gifts for RV enthusiasts. These Lucy light lanterns deflate down into a small, flat solar panel that can be hung or set pretty much anywhere to charge (we usually stick ours on the hood of our motorhome during the day).

Then, when the sun goes down, you just easily inflate the lantern, and you have a beautiful, warm light that will last all night on a single charge!

We actually have a few of these Lucy lights, because you can place them all over your campsite for a lovely lighting effect.

Camco Leveling Blocks

We love this particular set of leveling blocks because you get a LOT of blocks, and there have been times when we need to use ALL of them in order to level our rig.

In the photo above you can see these blocks in use under our rear dual tires. Campsites on the beach like this often require plenty of blocks to get level!

This is an awesome motorhome gift, because leveling the RV is one of the most frustrating parts of RV travel! These leveling blocks can get your camper level anywhere, even on a very uneven or sloped campsite.

Decorative Cushion Covers

It can be hard to find RV gifts for mom! Luckily these cute RV cushion covers make a great gift for any RV-loving lady. Their inspirational messages are a nice reminder to live life to the fullest.

Camper life is so much more comfortable when your RV is decorated to feel like a home!

Maxtrax Sand Tracks

RV camping is the very best at the beach, but camping in sand comes with a high risk of getting stuck! Motorhomes are so heavy that is very easy for them to get stuck, and getting them out can be a real challenge without the right equipment.

Enter Maxtracks brand sand tracks. If your camper gets stuck in sand you wedge these tracks in right in front of your tires and you will be able to drive out of the sand onto the tracks!

These are pricey, but so worth the money. Getting stuck in sand or mud can be a very stressful experience for a motorhome owner, and often that stops RV travelers from camping in more remote areas.

Some of the most beautiful campsites in North America are off the beaten path, and a pair of Maxtracks will allow you to venture off paved roads with far more confidence!

Backup Camera

While brand new RVs come with backup cameras these days, the vast majority of RV travelers are not driving brand new RVs! For those older motorhomes, the modern technology of a backup camera can make life SO much easier.

These are an especially great gift for the solo RV traveler in your life, because they don’t have a partner who can get out of the car and help them back into a tight spot!

States Visited Travel Map

This is one of the coolest gift ideas for RV campers we’ve seen! Rvers can put this up inside their RV and keep track of all the states they’ve visited, and which ones they still need to check out.

This is such a fun decoration for your camper!

Weatherproof Mat

Weatherproof mats are a must-have RV accessory! These mats are so versatile- they can be used in front of your RV’s front door to create a patio area, they can be used as a beach blanket, or even as a yoga mat!

When we are traveling by motorhome we use our weatherproof mat on a daily basis.

Solar Tiki Torches

Tiki torches are such a fun campsite decoration, but they can be dangerous since RVs have lots of flammable components.

A safer, and more durable, option is this set of solar powered tiki torches that have a flickering light that looks like real candlelight!

When you’re camping somewhere for a week or more it’s a lot of fun to personalize your campsite, and these tiki torches are an easy way to add some mood lighting to your space!

Trusted Housesitters Membership

Trusted Housesitters is a company that connects homeowners with housesitters. Housesitting is an awesome way to get free accommodation while you travel.

Many RV travelers are also homeowners, and when they’re away they may want someone to watch over their house. A trusted housesitters membership can connect them with trustworthy housesitters!

Table Top Propane Grill

Grilling out is one of the best parts of camping! While many campgrounds and RV parks have grills available, they are often heavily used and not the cleanest.

Aa table top propane grill is the perfect answer to the public grill problem! This awesome piece of RV gear can be set right on a picnic table, and will allow you to grill up your own steaks, burgers, and veggies without needing to haul charcoal.

Clam Brand Pop Up Gazebo

A screen tent is an awesome addition to any campsite, and we cannot say enough good things about the Clam brand pop-up gazebo. Not only does it go up in about 30 seconds, it also can withstand heavy winds, and can be taken down in 30 seconds as well.

We’ve used our Clam gazebo on the beach, in the desert, and in the woods, and it has held up beautifully in all of these environments. It’s clearly well made, and it’s very durable. Pair this with a weatherproof mat, and you have a pretty awesome outdoor patio

Suitcase Style Solar Panel

Solar power opens up a whole new world of camping possibilities for RV enthusiasts. When you can recharge your coach battery without ever needing to turn on your engine you can camp anywhere without having to worry about electrical hookups!

This 120watt suitcase style solar panel is perfect for keeping your RV coach battery charged. You just clip the leads onto the coach battery and set the panel in the sun- simple! This solar panel easily charges all of our lights, our water pump, our personal electronics, and our portable speaker.

Collapsible Bucket

This is a simple item that every RV traveler should have! There are so many different uses for a bucket- dish washing, hauling water, etc. The only problem is that hard-sided buckets are difficult to pack.

This collapsible bucket is fantastic because it packs down flat so you can store it anywhere. We use ours all the time!

Gift a Night in a Hotel

RV travel is so much fun, but it can also be a lot of work. Sometimes it’s great to just relax in a hotel room for a night! Use the search box below to find a hotel room to gift the RV lover in your life.

Click here to get a great deal on a hotel room!

Hopefully now you know just what to get that RVing friend of yours! If you’re still not sure, head over to our very favorite store, REI, to browse all of the best travel and camping gear!

If you’d like to read more about full time camper life check out our camper life FAQ and answers.

We don’t just travel by camper! We spent the last winter backpacking Southeast Asia with just a carry on.

In the summers we festival hop around the USA, and we never miss Burning Man!

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2 thoughts on “The Best Gifts for RV Owners!”

  1. Just came across your site while research Toyota campers. Are you still camping in your Dolphin? I put a down payment on an Itasca Spitit 2 days ago, really expensive for it’s age even though its very clean and low mileage. Now Im having buyer remorse. So your info on yours is comforting.
    What’s your average highway speed when traveling? and how does it handle fully loaded?

    Thanks for any encouragement and info.

  2. Hi Doug! We are not traveling in the Dolphin anymore, but I can definitely answer these questions! Our average highway speed was about 55mph. We decided that we wouldn’t be in a rush to get places, and we quickly got used to the lower speeds. The handling is good in these, it feels like driving a truck rather than an RV. With that said, they aren’t known for speed, and the acceleration tends to be slow. We just stayed in the right lane and took our time 🙂

    Honestly, the Toymos are so reliable they’re a great deal. Also, those dual tires in the back make them really sturdy for dirt roads and sand. We took ours down all kinds of crazy dirt/sand roads in Mexico and never had a problem with getting stuck or sliding. Plus the size of the Toymos is so great. We loved being able to park in a regular parking spot, and fit down narrow roads in small towns.

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