How to do Burning Man on a Shoestring Budget

Learn how to do Burning Man on a shoestring budget. Read how I visited Black Rock City, Nevada for 8 days for under $600!

Should I go to Burning Man?

Should I go to Burning Man? Where is Burning Man? We’ll help you answer that question, and show you some beautiful Burning Man art!

How to Decorate a Bike for Burning Man

Heading to Black Rock City, Nevada this year? Learn how to decorate a bike for Burning Man!

Festival Gear we Can't Live Without

Wondering what to pack for a festival? This is the festival gear we can’t live without!

The Oregon Country Fair: Festival Volunteering at its Best

The Oregon Country Fair is an example of festival volunteering at its best! OCF takes place every year in Veneta, Oregon.

Northern Nights: A Music Festival for Your Inner Hippie

Northern Nights is a music festival for your inner hippie. 

Burning Man Solo: My Gateway Drug to Living Fully

I went to my first Burning Man alone in 2012. It opened my eyes to alternative ways to live my life, and got me thinking about how I could live my life more fully.

How to Prepare for Burning Man

How we prepare and pack for our annual Burning Man experience. Tips and tricks for visiting Black Rock City Nevada, home to the Burning Man Festival. 

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