Toyota Dolphin Video Tour

Are you considering a Toyota camper? We absolutely loved traveling full time in a Toyota motorhome. Today we want to share a video tour of our Toyota Dolphin RV.

See the notes below the video for links to our renovation posts, and lots of other great information on Toyota motorhome travel!

If you’d like to read our step by step guide to installing our hard floor click here!

For a step by step guide to installing a 12v USB charging port click here!

We absolutely love our Toyota Dolphin. Read all about why we chose a Toyota motorhome!

And finally, if you want all of our best insider tips/tricks for full time RV living in a Toyota motorhome check out our Ebook: Nomads in Campers: A Step by Step Guide to Living Your Nomadic Adventure.

Thanks so much for watching!

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11 thoughts on “Toyota Dolphin Video Tour”

  1. Robin Satterwhite

    Thinking and hoping more and more for a VW conversion if/when I have enough time in between countries for it to make sense. This just got me extra excited! 🚐

  2. Yesss, they’re awesome! We met a few people in VWs in Baja. Just try to learn some mechanical stuff about them yourself, they’re easy to work on but they do tend to have "quirks" haha 🙂

  3. there are even better led lights then those
    i now use those ones u have for the second light ,
    and the more efficient ones for the 1st and single lights !
    i found this out with a dying battery that did not light those u have showing

  4. Hi my boyfriend and i just recently purchased a 1982 Dolphin and have begun the long process of fixing it and restoring it. I enjoyed watching ur videos and appreciate the fact that you have lived in yours for 2 years!. We will def keep in touch.

  5. I can’t find where the Play button is for the video. I’d really love to see the inside of your camper, but I’ve clicked absolutely everywhere in case the “Play” button was hidden somewhere, but no luck. I’ve tried in Safari and in Chrome. Where is it?

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