Toyota RV Traveler Spotlight: YesKamp

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I recently had the chance to chat with Sabrina of YesKamp, a blog dedicated to full time travel in a Toyota Dolphin! Keep reading to learn more about our most recent Toyota RV Traveler Spotlight!

What motivated them to start traveling full time

Sabrina says: “In 2010, we quit our jobs to travel around the world for a year. And that trip changed our entire perspective on what we wanted out of life. With the smallest budget and fewest belongings we’d ever had, we were the happiest we’d ever been. So in 2014, we decided to do it again. And it was on that trip we had the idea to buy an RV and build a semi-nomadic life.

We’re now completely freelance in our careers, so that we can work half the year and travel the other half (either internationally, or in our Dolphin). It would be nice to have the ability to work remotely someday, but for now we love having the best of both worlds.”

Why they chose a Toyota motorhome for their camper life

“We knew we wanted something compact and fully self contained. A friend of a friend had a Dolphin, and we absolutely fell in love. The reliability of a Toyota, the comfort of a kitchen and bathroom, and the ability to park in a regular parking spot had us sold and we didn’t look any further.”

Challenges they ran into while preparing to travel

Like many other full timers, Sabrina and Reece decided to do some renovations on their Toyota Dolphin before they began traveling. This turned out to be a much bigger project than they anticipated!

Sabrina describes the challenges: “We renovated our interior without any experience whatsoever, and it was far more difficult than we ever anticipated. But through the sweat and tears, we learned SO much and developed a real connection to our little home on wheels. The preparing to travel part was relatively easy for us, cause we’d done two 1-year trips outside of the US before we ever embarked on RV life. Having a whole vehicle to pack instead of just a backpack felt like a luxury!”

The best part of traveling full time

Sabrina’s answer to this question really resonates with me and Tom as well.

Sabrina says: “Freedom, and time together. Everyone told us after our first year around the world, “If you can survive that, you can survive anything.” And truthfully, we found the traveling part much easier than the coming home part. We are such a team and we feel like our best selves when we’re on the road.”

Tom and I also have found that our relationship thrives while traveling. Yes, there are plenty of stressful moments, but sharing the beautiful adventures of travel ultimately brings us even closer together.

Their number one pro tip for aspiring full time travelers

Sabrina reminds full time travelers: “Take your time! It always amazes us the itineraries that people try to cram together. It took us five months to get from Los Angeles to Seattle, and we still didn’t get to see/do everything we would have liked to along the way. It was the times we stayed still and really got to know people and/or places that we’ll always remember most.”

What advice do they have for others who are considering camper life?

I COMPLETELY agree with Sabrina here:

“There will never be a perfect time. It will never not be scary. If it’s a priority of yours, you just have to DO IT. My favorite compliment we ever receive is “you guys actually do the things that most people just talk about doing.” We’ve found over the years that following our passions has always rewarded us, and the more you do it the easier it is to keep doing it.”

About YesKamp

Reece and Sabrina have been married for 5 years (and together for 13!). They freelance in advertising (he as an art director / she as a producer), usually in their home base of Venice Beach, CA (but are always open to travel!). You can check out their RV renovation at, watch weekly DashKam antics on their YouTube page, or follow along with their adventures on Instagram @yes_kamp.

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