Why we Chose a Toyota Motorhome

Why we chose a Toyota Motorhome for our full time camper lifestyle. 

Festival Gear we Can't Live Without

Wondering what to pack for a festival? This is the festival gear we can’t live without!

The Oregon Country Fair: Festival Volunteering at its Best

The Oregon Country Fair is an example of festival volunteering at its best! OCF takes place every year in Veneta, Oregon.

Northern Nights: A Music Festival for Your Inner Hippie

Northern Nights is a music festival for your inner hippie. 

Burning Man Solo: My Gateway Drug to Living Fully

I went to my first Burning Man alone in 2012. It opened my eyes to alternative ways to live my life, and got me thinking about how I could live my life more fully.

Tricks for Finding Beautiful, Affordable Campsites

Tips and tricks for finding beautiful, affordable campsites!

5 Reasons we Avoid RV Parks and Where to Camp Instead

RV park camping is often expensive and crowded. Here are 5 reasons we avoid RV parks, and where we camp instead!

A Night in Slab City California: The Last Free Place?

We spent a night in Slab City, California, also known as The Last Free Place. Read about our experience visiting the slabs.

How to Install a USB Charger Port in your RV or Camper

Step by step DIY guide to installing a 12 volt USB charger port in your RV or camper. 

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