Southeast Asia Packing List

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We are currently in the middle of preparations for backpacking Southeast Asia, and things are hectic! We’ve just finished up one of the most important parts of our preparation- deciding on our backpacking necessities! Here we share our Southeast Asia packing list.

Choosing a Backpacking Pack

The first backpacking essentials are the backpacks themselves! Tom and I are using two very different backpacks, and we’ll let you know how they are working out for us once we’ve hit the road.

Osprey Porter 46

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I will be carrying an Osprey pack that I actually purchased years ago with the intent of eventually using it for international travel with a carry on. Some big advantages to Osprey packs are the lifetime warrantee (that’s a HUGE one) and the comfort of the packs.

My Osprey is designed to provide the maximum amount of space while still falling within the dimensions required for a carry on. One awesome feature on my Osprey pack is the fact that it unzips completely so it does not need to be loaded from the top. This feature makes finding things in the bag a breeze, and also makes it easier to pack than a top-loading pack.

Go Lite Jam 50

Tom will be carrying a pack that is traditionally used for hiking, and the same pack that he once carried across Spain while hiking the Camino de Santiago. Tom’s pack is super comfortable and durable.

One big advantage to Tom’s pack is the breathable mesh backing that will certainly keep him cooler while carrying the backpack in the heat.

Sadly, Go Lite packs are no longer available. It looks like the most comparable bag on the market is the Osprey Atmos 50 .

Southeast Asia Packing List- Clothes

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Tom and I both have experience traveling with just a carry on, and with hiking long distances wearing backpacks. One thing that we are very careful about is packing light! (But not TOO light, like the guy in the picture, who clearly forgot to pack a swimsuit…)

Sure, you can fit all kinds of dense, heavy items into a 46 liter backpack, but then you won’t be able to carry it more than 50 feet before you want to cry your eyes out and head home.

Additionally, Southeast Asia encompasses a wide variety of climates- from extremely hot and humid Cambodia to the chilly and foggy hills of north Vietnam we needed to be prepared for LOTS of weather changes!

The real key to packing light is making sure that you have items that will mix and match easily, so that you can make several outfits from just a few clothing items. We also LOVE sturdy, lightweight fabrics like merino wool and polyester blends. The North Face, REI, and Patagonia all make excellent, high quality clothing out of lightweight, moisture wicking material.

Also, I want to specifically mention the best socks in the ENTIRE world- Darn Tough socks. They are incredibly comfortable, durable, and even have a lifetime warrantee- yes, you read that right, each pair of Darn Tough socks are guaranteed to last forever.

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I’ve really put my Darn Tough socks to the test, and I’ve never had a single pair get a hole or thin out. Seriously, go get yourself a pair of these and you’ll see what I mean! (and to be clear, this opinion is 100% my own, Darn Tough doesn’t even know I exist….although I wish they did! Anyone from Darn Tough want to work with us???)

The list of clothes I will be bringing:

  • 4 short sleeve tops

  • 1 pair long hiking pants

  • 1 pair knee length shorts

  • 1 pair long, lightweight flared leg pants

  • 1 cardigan

  • 2 dresses (1 maxi length, 1 knee length)

  • 4 pairs Darn Tough socks

  • 3 pairs regular old cotton socks

  • 1 bikini

  • 1 hat

  • 7 pairs underwear (boy shorts are my fave for traveling!)

Tom’s list is similar, but with a couple additional pairs of shorts/pants in place of the dresses.

I also made sure to under-pack clothing because I’m sure there will be clothing essentials for traveling Asia that I haven’t even thought of, and I want to be sure I have room to add those to my wardrobe.

The Best Shoes for Backpacking Asia

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We’re taking a guess at this one based on our past travel experiences and what we know about the weather in Southeast Asia. We are each bringing one pair of sturdy sandals and one pair of trail runners.

For sandals I’m bringing a pair of Sanuk Yoga Sling sandals , which are incredibly comfortable, and seem very durable. I’ve seen these mentioned online so frequently that I decided I’d take a chance and buy a pair. So far I’m really pleased! They’re super comfortable, and I’ve walked long distances in them without any issues.

Tom will be bringing a pair of Teva sandals. Tom LOVES his Tevas for travel, and when he finally wore out his first pair he immediately bought new ones.

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For trail runners I’m bringing Merrell Bare Access Arc 4’s. These are super lightweight and breathable, with just enough support to keep my feet happy, but not so much that I lose touch with the ground (I personally don’t enjoy over-cushioned shoes).

Tom will be bringing New Balance men’s trail runners. Tom loves New Balance because they provide solid support on paved roads.

We plan to go hiking in Southeast Asia, so trail runners are an awesome choice because they are comfortable on hiking trails, AND on paved roads.

UPDATE: One item that we SO wished we had in Southeast Asia was water shoes! The beaches are often rocky, and having water shoes would have allowed us to swim anywhere we wanted! To find the perfect pair of water shoes check out this Divein article for water shoes!

Other Backpacking Items

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There are a few other items that we plan to carry with us while backpacking Asia. Since I work on our blog while we travel my pack will be at least half full of blogging essentials. Luckily, my clothes are smaller than Tom’s so I have more space to spare in my bag.

Along with my clothes I will be carrying:

How to Pack a Backpack

Now that we have everything we need it’s time to actually pack! There are a couple important things to consider when packing a backpacking pack.

First, you want to distribute the weight so that the heaviest items sit over your hips. This means that your heaviest items need to sit at the bottom of your pack, and the lightest items should be at the top of your pack near your shoulders.

Getting the weight in your pack properly distributed is one of the BEST ways to make your backpack more comfortable to carry. By properly distributing weight you insure that your hips, not your back or shoulders, are supporting most of the pack’s weight.

In my backpack that means that my camera equipment sits at the bottom of my pack near my hips because it is by far the heaviest item I’m carrying.

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The next most important thing to consider is that you want the section of your backpack that sits against your back to be relatively smooth and free of lumps. So, for example, I will pack my bag so that my laptop is sitting against my back, because my laptop is a nice smooth surface without lumps. Trying to walk long distances with big lumps pushing into your back is extremely uncomfortable!

When you pack your clothes use packing cubes!! In order to make the most of your packing cubes I recommend rolling your clothes rather than folding them. Rolling them keeps them from getting wrinkled and also maximizes space in your packing cubes.

Remember to put toiletries and electronics in an easy to reach spot because you will need to remove them when you go through airport security!

Fitting your Backpack

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Once you’ve packed your backpack you will want to adjust it to maximize comfort. The key here is to make sure that your hips are carrying most of the weight.

To achieve this, extend the backpack shoulder straps as far as they will go. Next, put your backpack on and buckle the hip belt. Now tighten the shoulder straps until you feel the weight of the pack begin to transfer to your hips. Continue tightening until you feel your hips supporting the weight of your backpack.

Go for a walk with your backpack on to be sure that you have it properly adjusted. You can always make changes to the fit, but it’s nice to start your trip with a backpack that feels good.


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